Digital marketing write for us

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Digital marketing write for us

We do the same on our website. Want to shower your marketing skills with a vast audience? Got hype idea, any tips or more unique pieces of information you think will get people chatting? Digital Technology Pro formed this website aiming to help people in need of information on digitalization and technology.

We have hard-working experts, which is a plus point for you as we can value up your domain authority score from 0 — Expand your website search engine S. Some dedicated time is vital for doing this.

You should study from as many places as you can to learn well about the contents of the field. Before submitting any content, a study in-depth about our website and the type of materials we post as we do not want to reject a writer like you. Believe that we want you to work with us. We can help a thousand readers with amazing articles, and increase our popularity as well as the bright top website for Marketing trends.

Easy Peasy! Note : We have full permission to edit the content, links, videos, and images published on DTP. Also, mail us for any query at info digitaltechnologypro. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Hello folks, We are delighted that you are here! Writing is an art. If you possess that art then, welcome, you could be our future guest blogger!

Guest Writers wanted! Why should we choose you? Our writers and editors inspect and evaluate a lot before starting to write on any topic. Learn About Us Before submitting any content, a study in-depth about our website and the type of materials we post as we do not want to reject a writer like you. Check Out The Rules Make sure to create it informative. Give us some actionable tips. Content should be neat and direct. The paragraph-length must be short.

Three lines in each paragraph. No duplication is allowed.We are specialized in creating company portfolio websites. Having an impressive website, both visually and functionally, can make your business stand out from the competition.

Creating an attractive site is only one part of the equation. Thanks so much for creating a website that speaks to what my company motto is — clean, clear, and concise. You really delivered a site that fits my company and the image I need to portray.

The last thing I wanted was a cluttered site like so many others in my field tend to be. I am still getting compliments on it!

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And you did it on time and on budget and I got more than I ever expected. Thank you for all the hard work. The site looks amazing and thank you for going over and above to make sure we knew what was going on all the way through. Your design team was a pleasure to work with and your design process made it easy for us to go step by step and quickly move the project forward on time.

digital marketing write for us

Thank you and good luck! Honey web solutions agreed to help our non-profit organization update and brand our existing website for free. Honey web solutions responded to our request accurately and met our needs in a very short period of time. Thank you! Honey web solutions was the only company that within the first meeting made me feel very confident and comfortable that they understood and could produce what we envisioned.

I have never had to ask twice for answers and when delivered, they always made sense! The finished product is far superior than I imagined! Our team would love to hear from you! We are always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities. If you're interested in collaborating, this is how you get in touch with us.Digital marketing or online marketing encompasses all those advertising and commercial actions and strategies that are executed in the media and internet channels.

This phenomenon has been applied since the s as a way of transferring offline marketing techniques to the digital universe. Parallel to the tremendous development and evolution of digital technologyonline marketing has been experiencing, progressively and very quickly.

digital marketing write for us

There has been profound changes both in the techniques and tools used. And in the possibilities offered to the recipients. In the beginning, online marketing was based on web pages 1. The advertising companies totally controlled the message and were limited to expose it to the audience.

To Write for Usyou can email us at contact computertechreviews.


Computer Tech Reviews blog posts are very well researched and written in a professional manner. We cover the following topics in digital marketing stream:. We accept well researched articles on digital marketing trends. If you are digital guru and want to share your thoughts through our blog. You are most welcome to Computer Tech Reviews.

We request our contributors to share their genuine experience and thoughts in the articles. We appreciate our contributors for educating our audience with your thought leadership. Digital Marketing has various channels of marketing. We have listed few of the key channels of digital marketing which are in boom these days. You can send your article to contact computertechreviews.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Subscribe Now. Trending News. Digital Marketing Write for Us Digital marketing or online marketing encompasses all those advertising and commercial actions and strategies that are executed in the media and internet channels.

How to Submit Your Articles? Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews — Digital Marketing Write for Us Search Terms Bloggers use for Digital Marketing Write for Us guest poster wanted accepting guest posts writers wanted articles wanted guest author send a tip write for us guest post submit post This post was written by guest article contributing writer become a contributor submit guest post guest post courtesy of contributor guidelines author bio guest posting guidelines suggest a post submit an article guest column submit content guest author contributing writer submit news want to write for submit blog post contribute to our site Search Terms Related to Digital Marketing Write for Us Digital Marketing has various channels of marketing.ResultFirst has started accepting guest articles, and we invite Digital Marketing experts to share their stories, opinions, and voice with our audience.

Although we are very particular about what goes on our blog, we do read every guest post request we receive. However, please do not send us any request without reading the guidelines because we would reject requests that do not adhere to our guidelines.

Important : We receive a lot of requests and our approval process is tedious. Please be patient with us because we take business days to respond. If you do not get a response until 15 business days, you can use your article elsewhere. Unlike the regular guest post, a sponsored story gets published within business days.

However, it must still meet our guest post guidelines, and it would need approval from our editors. Digital Marketing Education : If you are an expert in digital marketing with something to educate our audience, you can send your tips, how-to articles, case studies, trends, or listicles. Opinions of experts : If you are an expert in the industry with relevant experience and good digital presence, you can send your opinions about anything relating to the Digital Marketing industry.

Infographics: If you have a well-crafted infographic, you can send it along with an introduction. Before you write or submit a story to ResultFirst, we want you to know our guidelines. We request you to read these guidelines carefully and adhere to them:. Got more questions? Attach Article. Your Message.

Digital Marketing for Beginners: 7 Strategies That Work

Your email:. All Rights Reserved. Back to Knowledgecenter. Write For Us Read 3 minutes We are glad that you are interested. Guest Post Guidelines: Before you write or submit a story to ResultFirst, we want you to know our guidelines. We request you to read these guidelines carefully and adhere to them: Basics first- your article should not have grammatical or language errors. Your story should be informativeinteractiveand interesting.

Every post on our blog aims to give valuable information to our users helping them hone their digital marketing skills or keeping them updated. Your article should be well-structured with subheadingsbulletsquotesand images. We are humans giving information to fellow humans, so sound like one in your story. Talk in first person and speak to the readers directly.

Your articles should be words.RealMediaHub is an emerging media site that covers startups, entertainment, technology, growth hacking, Digital Marketing, and much more. The news platform has a dedicated team of writers that cover a vast range of topics and also accepts guest contributions from industry experts, consultants, and market gurus.

Marketing +”Write For Us” – Digital Technology Pro

RealMediaHub is driven by the mission to become the top resource for latest news, industry updates, and product announcements. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter stay in touch with us and get all the updates in your social feed. Want to contribute to RealMediaHub? Write for us or send us an email along with story ideas at info realmediahub. Lost your password? Write For Us. Recent Posts. Top Indian Restaurants in Belgrade Serbia 6 days ago. Top 10 Indian restaurants In Portland September 16, Apps Importance of Super mobile App to combine various features into one June 10, views.

Social Media SEO. Ecommerce Startups Bitcoin. Travel Tips.

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digital marketing write for us

Remember Me.You can start by suggesting the topics you could write on, or you can email the rough draft of your content idea using Google doc link. Formats: Expert opinion, List of the tips or tools, Trends, Infographics, E-books, In-depth Case studies, videos, best practices, hacks, etc. We accept intermediate to advanced level digital marketing guest posts. Or you can send your guest pitch at 01richa90 [at] gmail [dot] com temporarily instead of richa semupdates.

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We usually take one week to respond to you. The article will be published in one day. I am Richa Pathak — An emerging marketing influencer, and a creative digital marketing consultant who helps clients generate leads, drive site traffic and build their brands through data-driven strategies. Know More About Richa.

Write for us. Join the pool of excellent contributors at SEM Updates digital marketing blog!

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What will you get if you become a contributor at SEM Updates? We do email campaigns to increase the post reach. Or on a special request, we offer a link in the post sometime if it is relevant and useful.

Sponsored posts on social media to increase the visibility of your post on our blog Avg post reach is K each post What we expect from our contributors who pitch to us? Before you submit, look at our guidelines! Any content less than words will be rejected automatically.

Read the recent posts on our blog to understand what kind of posts we publish. Only pre-approved topics going to be reviewed or published. The subject line of your email — Contribution to SEM Updates — [Topic of your article] In the email tell us about yourself — 1 paragraph, your previous article links.

Share the Google doc link of your guest pitch in the email. Do not attach the word document to the email. Must have a Featured image for the article.


If you are using images, Facts, Stats from other sources, please provide credits link. Do not promote any product or service in your guest blog post. Only legit links. No plagiarism. Content should not be copied from anywhere. It may get you banned from future submission on our site. Please use Grammarly to fix the errors. All the best! Do you have a question?Got something to say? The people who write for us are a mixture of battle hardened digital marketing veterans, graduate recruitment experts and digital marketing graduates and first jobbers.

We write on a number of topics all designed to make life easier for a recent graduate who is looking to work in digital. If you have experience that could help someone else, or your have a story to tell please get in touch.

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The topics we write on are:. We all have to start somewhere Your Job Search How can you get a grad job in digital marketing? Your job search, from how to structure your CV and cover letter, to how to ace your first job interview.

Get specific marketing career advice here. Digital Marketing Digital marketing tips, knowledge and experience from digital marketing pros. You will find plenty of useful insights from battle-hardened veterans who know their stuff. Topics in this category reflect the type of training we provide and may include:. And more! Tools and resources Your online toolbox for digital marketing amongst a world of confusing job titles and industry jargon.

A focus on practical advice — your tips and advice are great, but real-life examples and case studies are even better. Your personal experiences and stories go a long way to helping graduates really understand what they need to do. Absolutely no jargon Graduates with little to no experience of the marketing industry will not understand industry lingo and jargon, so we always edit any out and provide simple explanations where necessary.

Keep it simple The language we use is simple, conversational and approachable. We want our readers to feel at home and thrive, not struggle to understand. They are after all beginners. Up-to-date Things in digital marketing change so rapidly that we insist on advice being up-to-date and accurate. Visual appeal We include at least one picture with every post. If your post is a step by step guide or is instructional including pictures is a must! Heck, you can go all out and even add a video if you fancy!

You get to put your brand, your business and your point of view in front of students and graduates who are specifically looking to work in digital marketing. This is a great way to promote your brand, reach a new audience and grow your following.


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